The 2016 Columbus Autism Symposium presented some surprising data and statistics with regards to autism. It highlighted the prevalence of this disorder all over the world. Listed below are some of the most relevant numbers.

Autism As The Fastest-Growing Developmental Disability

Around one percent of the people in the world has an autism spectrum disorder. However, if concentrated on just the United States, it is present in approximately one in every 59 births. This figure is almost 1.7 percent or 3.5 million of the population of the Americans.


In just ten years, the number of children found to have autism increased by 119.4 percent, making autism the fastest-growing developmental disability not only in the United States but also the whole world.

Autism And Its Associated Challenges

There are several statistical data which showed how the disorder could be a threat to the survival of those with autism. Here are some reasons why:


  • Almost one-third of those with autism are observed to be non-verbal.
  • Some 50 percent of those with the disorder bolt or wander from safety.
  • Headbanging, skin scratching, and arm biting are three of the most common self-injurious behaviors of those with autism. Nearly 28 percent of them display this.
  • Two-thirds of the children with autism experienced bullying in school.
  • About 90 percent of the deaths of those with autism 14 years old and younger involves drowning.

The Link Between Autism And Mental Health

Autism does not only affect the physical attributes of an individual but also his or her mental aspect. Studies show that 40 percent of children and teens with autism experience anxiety disorders. The depression numbers also shot up, affecting seven percent of children and 26 percent of adults with autism.

With these numbers in mind, the severity of autism is evident. Hopefully, there will be more programs and initiatives which will help address this disorder.

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