The discussion in the 2017 autism convention still lingers in me. It is not that I do not agree with what the experts say about autism in the event. But I find it a little bit off because it seems like the emphasis of pity is what takes a toll on me. I don’t have anything against that because I know my child needs compassion. However, I was expecting a different approach.

Yes, my autistic child can no longer do things as normal people do. He cannot talk and express his feelings directly. My child will forever have a hard time understanding even the smallest task anyone gives him. He can never expect things to go his way. He will always act impulsively and will get irritated when something triggers. I do understand all of those. But being a mother, I want things to be different for my child.

I know I cannot do more with his condition. But I don’t want him to think that he’s different. Because I realized that the more I give him special treatment, the more my child doesn’t want to be better. Why not let him be? Why can’t we let autistic children feel they are normal individuals too. Will it be that hard to compromise?


Yes, it is not going to be easy because they need guidance. But wouldn’t it be nice if we allow people with autism to live their lives according to what they can and what they want? My child is autistic, but he has feelings. He knows when people are trying to be kind only to prove a point – that he is incapable. Yes, it is not often the case. But how can we better explain it to people with autism if we only look at them as mentally incapable individuals?

Just think about it.

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