Every couple dreams of having a little angel of their own. They have imagined how they would be like parenting a baby. Some are too excited they even prepared a nursery in the house right before they are pregnant. It is because having to create a new life out of love is the most fantastic feeling in the world, to see a little human walking and running around the house who has the parents’ eyes and lips. It is indeed priceless! 


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Not everyone knows what mothers pray for when they are pregnant. Yes, they pray for this and that, but more than anything else, they pray that their baby would be healthy. 


But what if all the nine months of waiting and the traumatic hours at the delivery room turned into something parents weren’t expecting? What if after a few months, they start to notice something odd about their infant? What if their baby gets diagnosed with autism? How will it affect their marriage? 


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Stages Of Acceptance: 


  • Parents will start to question how it happened. They may ask their doctor how it is possible and if there is something they can do to reverse the condition of their baby. Unfortunately, there is none. 


  • The mothers are usually the ones blamed for the cause of autism, but the exact cause of autism is still unknown. Experts believe that it has something to do with genes and environmental factors like being exposed to toxic chemicals during pregnancy of the mother. 


  • At first, there is a significant adjustment as parents dealing with autism will have to learn to parent differently. There is more to learn than the traditional care of a baby. Parents could only consult the care team of their child because asking other parents with the same condition is somewhat awkward unless they are close friends. 


  • As time passes by, parents may get used to the unique condition of their child and love him no matter what. They will realize that it makes no difference whether their child has autism or not. They only have to double their patience and understanding of the situation, but the love remains the same. 


  • When parents finally accept the condition of their child, they start to have harmony at home. There would be less blaming because sometimes the stressful part of dealing with autism in the family is sacrificing time and space to manage the condition. Individual dreams of both parents would be set aside to address the situation appropriately. 


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Autism can affect marriage because there are a lot of things that are needed to be faced. It is vital that both parents of a child with autism are in the same boat when it comes to managing the condition of their child. It is a matter of communication and compromise, giving strength and courage to one another. 


Yes, having a child with autism is challenging, but as long as both parents have the will and determination to deal with these needs, their relationship can never get any stronger. Autism is not a limitation but an opportunity for parents to do and be more. 



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