A Guide In Loving Yourself More

Are you aware that many people are suffering from a low state of mental health because they failed to love themselves a little more? These are the individuals who are suffering from their self-limiting doubts. They believe that they are not good enough for someone or something. If you feel that you are one of these individuals, it is best to consider reading this article from stop to finish. In today’s write-up, we are going to share some of the tips that we learned from a therapist that taught us the importance of loving one’s self.

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“You can’t find love until you learn to love yourself.” – Vicki Botnick, LMFT.

Before anything else, we want to encourage everyone to be smart enough to say goodbye to things that continuously cause you stress. As much as possible, keep yourself away from any kind of stressors so that you can find it easier to find peace within yourself. Once this becomes possible, it will be a lot easier on your part to find more reasons to appreciate yourself. Below are the other tips  from BetterHelp that you can keep in mind:

Be Grateful For Everything

The initial step that you must do is to recognize all the amazing things, people, and circumstances in your life. Be grateful for what you have experienced and those that you have in your present life. You will be surprised at how things can change for the better the moment you start to fill your life with gratitude. Take note that every moment presents you with an opportunity to feel thankful for. Do not waste that chance to improve your experience. One of the best ways to make this a part of your daily habits is to say affirmations to yourself every morning. Keep doing it until you get used to it. Keep telling yourself that you are loved and you matter.

For Shameela Keshavjee, LMFT, on the other hand, loving yourself means “accepting all parts of yourself, even the ones that bring you discomfort.” She adds, “It means taking care of yourself when despair instructs you to isolate and withhold. It means learning to believe in two seemingly opposing truths at the same time: you are good enough as you are and you have room to grow.”

Take It Slow

If there is one thing that you must never forget in this life, it is to take things slowly at all times. There is no sense in rushing things. Loving yourself means understanding that some things are worth waiting for and fighting for. Just because your dreams have not yet materialized at this moment does not mean that it will never happen. What is crucial at this point is to show to yourself that there is no reason to rush everything. You must develop a sense of confidence in your life wherein you can say that you are not afraid of anything. Take note that other people may seem to add pressure in your life, but it does not mean that they can bring you down unless you give them the authority to do so. Be stronger than all your adversaries and enjoy life to the fullest. Take it slow and start to focus more on yourself.

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Change Your Lifestyle

Are you constantly sad or unhappy about something? Does it make you want to lock yourself in bed and avoid people? If you answered yes to these questions, then maybe it is about time to consider changing your lifestyle. As already emphasized above, learn how to determine the stressors in your day-to-day life so that you can avoid or eliminate them one by one. One of the best things to make it happen is to improve your lifestyle. Expose yourself to a new environment because that is the secret to a happy and satisfying life. Add more excitement in your monotonous days by seeking fun and adventure.

Exercise Regularly

You must also never neglect the importance of physical activities. As much as possible, make time for exercises. Stop making excuses that you are too busy at work or in your business. Instead, remind yourself that exercise is essential not only to keep you physically healthy but also to improve your mental wellness. The more you spend hours on the exercise, the happier you may become. The reason for this is because the human body releases dopamine or happy hormones every time you engage in exercise activities. Do not worry because you can still get those happy hormones even at the convenience of your own home. Feel free to watch home videos for yoga, Zumba, dances or other fun exercises.

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According to Dr. Charlotte Howard, Ph.D., “We all need love, mercy, and care. If you understand that it’s a universal experience and begin to see yourself as being part of it instead of holding yourself apart and thinking that somehow you’re especially bad, loving yourself begins to come naturally.”

Loving yourself is believing that you are worthy to receive affection and care from everyone around you. Take note that it is essential for you to make this a top priority so that you can also begin to open yourself up to other people. As long as you do not love yourself well, the harder it will be on your part to connect with others. As such, develop a habit of thinking of yourself first and showering yourself with so much love and positivity.